Relationship and Love Affirmations

  • I give and receive love freely.
  • I attract those who have healthy, positive intentions.
  • I radiate beauty/youth/aliveness.
  • My partner expresses his/her love for me and cherishes me, and I show how I cherish him/her every day.
  • I enjoy romance and intimacy with my loving partner.
  • I easily find ways to show my love and appreciation for my partner and my children.
  • I constantly notice positive traits about my partner.
  • I find ways of demonstrating love to those in my life.
  • My relationships are joyful and fulfilling on all levels.
  • I bring a positive energy to all my relationships.
  • The love I experience in my relationships is unlimited.
  • I am open to all that the universe brings me in my relationships.
  • I am surrounded by loving, supportive, and positive people.
  • People like me for who I am.
  • I am seen by others as loving, confident, attractive, and personable.
  • I exude warmth and love.